Liebster Award

First of all, I would like say a big thank you to lincathleon who gave me my first award nomination on wordpress! I absolutely love your blog and appreciate the nomination very very much!

The Liebster award works in a very easy and simple way. When someone accepts the award nomination, he/she has to compose a new post that includes 10 other nominees, answers to my following questions, and a list of 10 new questions! After that is done, he/she can inform his/hers nominees of the award with a simple comment on their blog.

So, here are my nominees for this award, 10 blogs that I recently enjoy reading very much (no specific order)

What triggered the decision to publish your work in blog format?  I have always wanted to start my own blog, but always seemed to be too busy. Thankfully, I was asked to start a blog as a university project, but I am sure that I will continue writing and posting after the projects deadline.

What was the last book you read?  The last book I read was animal farm by George Orwell. I always wanted to read it, since I read Orwell’s 1984. I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it.

Describe the piece of art that touched you most recently?  I recently Skype called my little 13 year old sister, who lives in Greece with my mom and my dad. She told me she got an A+ for her art class. After a while, my mom took a picture of my sisters drawing and sent it to my phone. I was thrilled by how good my sister could draw. I was always the artistic one in the family, and seeing that my sister shares the same passion made me extremely happy and proud for her.

Mountains or the Sea Side? 100% sea side. I come from Greece, which means that i have been living near the best (in my opinion) beaches in the world. I love mountains as well, but nothing can compare to a warm day by the sea side, especially in the Greek islands!

To which degree is your art real-life inspired?  Well, inspiration is a very important part of any artist’s life. Even if someone says that they came up with an idea, unconsciously they must have been inspired by someone or something. Everything we see and experience affects us in a negative or positive way, and thus it also effects our art work. I love coming up with my own ideas, but I get inspired from the random – everyday things I see. My family is probably my biggest inspiration.

Would you like to turn your art that you publish on your blog into a professional career? In case you already did, what gave you the confidence to do so? (slightly paraphrased Mama’s Q No. 1 here) For now I don’t think so. I love writing my art blog, but at the moment i want it to remain a hobby, and a motivation for me to go out in London, and explore its artistic side.

Do your friends and family support your art or approve of it?  My family and friends are very supportive of my passion for art. My mother has always loved art, exploring and creating, so I think that she has always been my biggest fan. On the other hand, my dad was never really artistic, but I think my mom and I changed his mind over the years.

Do you use your native language on your blog? At the moment, no. My native language is Greek, but since this blog started as a university project, and I study in London, I had to use English. Even though i love writing in my native language, blogging is not as big in Greece as it is in London. So starting a blog in English is the right choice at the moment.

If there was one thing you could tell your peers to inspire them, what would that be?  Art doesn’t have to be drawing or painting. Many many other things are considered to be art. Music, film, Design, Cooking and many more based on your personal preferences and passions. Personally, exploring and creating art makes me feel relaxed and calms me down thus I believe that if everyone spent some time exploring the specific form of art that suits them, they would find that it affects them positively in many different ways

So, here are the questions for my nominees:

  1. What made you start blogging?
  2. What times of the day do you find your self working on your blog?
  3. How does blogging affect your mood?
  4. What is blogging for you? Killing time, Hobby, career, etc?
  5. Do you ever feel like you have nothing else to write about?
  6. What is the last exhibition/Gallery you visited?
  7. Which work of art has inspired you the most?
  8. Who is your favourite artist?
  9. How has art ‘changed your life?’
  10. What would you say to someone that does not like art?

To all of my nominees and future nominees for the Liebster award:

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Thanks for reading,



“Love me twice today”

What is art supposed to ‘do’ to you? Why is it so important to people? Well there is obviously no right or wrong answer. People say that art helps them express their emotions, lets them be who they are. Music is a form of art that does that as well. Lets you express yourself, be the real you.


Music gives you a choice. You choose what you want to listen to; choose to feel sad. Choose to feel alone. Choose to feel happy. Choose to feel in love.

“Love me two times, baby
Love me twice today
Love me two times, girl
I’m goin’ away
Love me two times, girl
One for tomorrow
One just for today
Love me two times
I’m goin’ away”

Don’t just hear the music, listen to it. Understand it. Let it come in and experience it.

How did it make you feel?