A form of art that I haven’t written a post so far, is film. Having numerous film classes in my current course, I have become very interested in watching and creating short films such as advertisements, promos, campaigns and documentaries. For that reason, I decided to research a very talented, in my opinion director; Rick Mereki. What made me choose the specific director was his great passion for travel. This post is going to be the first out of  three that I will be posting, all created from Rick Mereki and his travelling experiences, called: MOVE-EAT-LEARN. 

Rick Mereki, along with Andrew Lees as an actor and Tim White as a cameraman collaborated in creating these three short films that started as  an assignment from a travel agency. They were asked to shoot a very short film around the world, for STA Travel Australia. Their adventure started, and with only 2 cameras available, they travelled 38.000 miles which is approximately two times around the earth. They recorded their discoveries and  experiences and brought back with them almost one terabyte of raw video footage, from which they only kept the best parts to create three 1-minute-clips. The  music of the films is an original composed by Kelsey James.

I can’t simply choose what it is that I love about this film, because I would have to say everything. The music makes you feel like a part of the experience, the quick pace of the film makes you fully committed to it and does not let you get your eyes of the screen. Moreover, direction here is excellent. The way one short take follows the next one is directed and filmed in an incredible and detailed way, that makes the effect of the film so successful. In that way, Mereki has managed to present footage from six weeks, and shots from numerous countries just in sixty seconds.

In ‘MOVE’, every single second is precious, plays an significant part of the whole concept and has an different meaning. The concept of MOVE is powerful; showing people that traveling inspires us to do, to dare and to discover what lies beyond the consolations of our comfort zones.

Researching more about Rick Mereki, I was reading on of his interviews online, from the ‘Travel and Leisure’ website, and I was very interested to the following question, that was asking the director ‘What has travel come to mean after visiting so many countries in just six weeks’

The more you travel, the more you become attached and connected to the world as a whole. I think that if a greater number of us spent time outside our comfort zones and immersed in other cultures, even for a little while, it would help reduce the “Us vs. Them” mentality that still exists in the world. People will always naturally base their beliefs and opinions on what is best for their family, their city, their country…but I think travel helps create mindsets that are more global.

What I love in such short but original films is the effect they have on me. The specific film gave me the motivation and inspiration to dare, to want to do something different, to take the time to travel around, discover the beauty of our world and experience it in my own, personal way. 

How did this film make you feel?

Thank you for reading,


Flavour so Beautiful

Have you ever tasted something so delicious that you felt like a small explosion took place inside your mouth? Well this is what an explosion of flavours literally looks like! 

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 13.00.06

This is a Screen shot of Schwartz Flavour shots, “Sound of taste” advertisement

Its well known that different foods and spices are tasty and delicious, but who would imagine that they could be beautiful as well. This art audio-visual installation created by Schwartz Flavour Shots, is trying to illustrate how an explosion of flavour one tastes, literally looks like. For this Project, DJ MJ Cole, Filmmaker Chris Crains and pyrotechnics designers Machine Shop collaborated with Schwartz Flavour Shots to create this unique installation.

A combination of foods and spices were used for this installation to happen. Several tons of black pepper corns, cardamon, turmeric, paprika, cumin seeds, ginger, chilli, basil, corn, salt and many other beautiful and colourful spices were placed in explosive bags, rigged to explode on certain music notes.

What I really love about this installation is the fact that numerous explosions can look not only powerful, but peaceful and beautiful at the same time. With the combination of this carefully selected music, food has never looked this appealing. I really like the attention in detail. More specifically, I enjoyed the high resolution shots of the different spices mixed together. From the close-up shots, you can see the details on the green basil leaves, and the way they are mixed with cumin seeds and all the other spices. From the long shots, details are not visible, which makes it interesting to see how spices have the ability to look like different colour powders   mixed together.

The Following video is a behind the scenes short video that  explains in detail, how the music composers managed to create peaceful music which brought together all the elements of this installation.

In my opinion, what makes this installation truly amazing, is the music used throughout the video. Music, is what brings all the other elements together and makes this installation ‘work’. When this project first started Schwartz asked the music composers to show how food feels through their music. So music was written with the intention of communicating what is like to taste something and developed in terms of intensity. The second step was to take the music written and use it to trigger explosions with herbs and spices. In music you can have different timbres that I guess relate to different flavours, and colours relate to different cords”MJ Cole (Composer) The way that worked was that when music was played, each key that was pressed resulted into an explosion. The main intention was to create an audio visual feast. So a matrix of spice sacks was used and then pyrotechnics were trigger in the bottom of the sacks.

 “So I hope people find it satisfying, vibrant, colourful, exciting thing to watch”, MJ Cole

In my opinion, MJ Cole and his team managed to do exactly that! What did you think?