What art form do you like the most?

Hello everyone,

It is hard to decide who your favourite artist is, or which is your favourite artwork, and this is because there are countless artists around the world, but more importantly art takes many different forms. So, what is your favourite form of art?

I would really appreciate if you could take a minute of your time and answer the following poll. It will help me get an idea of which form of art people enjoy the most and more importantly it will help my research for future posts. Please choose only one.

Thank you very much for reading and completing my poll 




  1. Hello Elli, ok so I voted for Paintings in the poll but I wanted to vote for a few other media too 🙂 I like your blog because there’s always something interesting to read about, whether it’s painting, sculpture, even Performance art, I don’t mind. That’s what makes it good, in my opinion, Best wishes, eoin

  2. I chose Paintings because that is what I am best at but I enjoy music as well mostly because I am not good at making it and I am both envious and in awe of those that do it with such ease

  3. I ticked all the boxes, not to be clever or silly but I just love all forms of art. Chagall comes to mind but then as soon as I said that I could fill the computer with others. Thanks for posting something that makes us think.

  4. I love music, that is my favorite art. I noticed you didn’t include writing. Just wondering why not. I think I love reading at least as much as I love music. I’m not a writer (tho I am trying to learn how to be one now) but I get so much out of reading the works of others.

  5. You perhaps could ask us to put ’em in order of preference—with a chance to add some?

    For myself I like art which is subtle, no obvious message (yuk) yet moves me deep down. Any image glorying the feminine has a head start (but please hold the ‘Rosie the riveter’ types) (too messagey).

    I like subtle. And I love poetry—not the ersatz modern would-be ‘poems’ endlessly churned out on the web; but the rolling cadences as in Shakespeare, Tennyson and others, and my favourite is—

    ” … He heard the deep behind him, and a cry
    before. Dry clash’d his harness
    in the icy caves and barren chasms
    and all to left and right
    the bare black cliff clang’d round him as he based
    his feet on juts of slippery crag that rang
    sharp smitten with the dint or armed heels—
    And on a sudden, lo, the level lake
    the long glories of the winter moon

    To appreciate such:
    in the first place you have to know some of the story (the death of King Arthur after his final great battle ” … so all day long, the noise of battle rolled, among the mountains by the winter sea …”


    in your life you have to have been there. Not literally in that waste land but to have experienced similar. I have; the effect is resonance.

    So puppy poems by the naive in modern format (sound bites) turns me off, even though it is ‘art’.

    To each his own.

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