Sweet Escape

There is something about nature that in my mind is highly connected with art. I am not the kind of person that believes that ‘everything around us is art’ or that whatever we see and touch could be considered a form of art, but there are places in the world that I find very artistic.

I have a summer house in Greece and more specifically in Mani, a village that has amazing beaches on the one side, and beautiful high mountains on the other. I go to Mani every summer since I was born but I have truly understood its beauty the last couple of years. Through photography, I have managed to see the beauty in a place that I considered to be ordinary when I was younger. For the first time that I can remember, I visited my summer house in the winter. My father suggested that it would be a sweet escape for the weekend and that I would not regret going.

IMG_2375  IMG_2380 IMG_2391   Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 23.14.47

I took my dad’s advice and decided to leave my house in the city of Athens and go for a weekend to my summer house in Mani. It was raining the entire first day and I was hoping that I would wake up to a clear sky the next morning, and so did I. The village was empty, so the beaches, but the view from my house was exactly the way it is during summer time, even though it was almost January. The sky was clear and blue and everything was very peaceful. I decided to take pictures of the day and then see how the sky and the sea change and adapt based on the suns position.

I was amazed by the beauty that can be created just from the sun. As the day was passing, the sea and the sky would change in the most beautiful ways. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I am sure that I have never seen such beautiful sun set in my life. The colours were unreal and all of the pictures have not been edited at all.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 20.02.01

After a while, when it got too dark to be outside, I went inside the house and transferred the photographs to my computer, in order to see them better. Firstly, I could not believe that my iPhone could take such good quality photographs, and I could not believe that in all these years, this was the first time I truly saw the beauty of my summer house’s view. I looked at the photos over and over again, thinking that they look like the photos you find on the internet when you google ‘amazing photos’ or like the screen-savers a new computer has saved when first bought.


What I truly find interesting about these images, is how amazing a simple photograph could be. I only needed my iPhone 5 in order to take these shots. The rest was all pure nature. I did not have to create a set, get props or work on the background. No light was needed, no flash, or anything. All of the colours and shadows were ‘real’. Real in the sense that they were not edited and not set up. Everything was there just for a second, and every photograph was different from the previous one, because of the natural wind that simply moved the clouds, and the sun that slowly changed position. These photographs are unique and one of a kind, and even if I go there at the same spot, at the same time, nothing will be the same. And in my opinion, that is the art of nature. 

Ps: To view the images in a larger size, simply click on them


  1. I’m truly happy for your discovery of the wonderful pleasures to be found in your own getaway place. It’s as if you start all over again, no? 🙂

  2. Beautiful. I love your photos – I never get tired of looking at the sun, the sea, the clouds, and the infinite variety of change. (One reason I love taking the ferry – nothing is ever the same). Thank you for sharing the beauty and how you appreciate what you have.

  3. I love this post so much! I can relate to your feelings about nature and also about unedited photography without any fancy equipment. When I take photos, I try to capture the beauty that is there right in that moment. My style of photography is definitely not the kind where the photos look more “perfect” than real life. And I love that I can take photos with my smartphone 🙂 I’m glad you had a nice getaway! Take care.

  4. Clouds shapes are lovely to snap and when you see them on the move all you have is a phone. If the subject is excellent lesser work for the photographer.

  5. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

    Happy New Year !!!!!!! and best wishes for you in 2014 🙂

  6. “These photographs are unique and even if I go there at the same spot, at the same time, nothing will be the same. And in my opinion, that is the art of nature.”

    –> You could not have summed art’s intrinsic character better than this.

    P.S. I wish I had the time to lounge in Mani!

  7. Hi, thank you for following my blog! These photos are incredible! I would’ve never guessed they were taken with an iPhone. The place looks so peaceful.

  8. Beautiful photographs of that wonderful place. It’s nice to know that you experienced something wonderful there. Thanks for dropping by my blog and leading me back here too. Looking forward to more of this. Cheers! 🙂

  9. The beautiful images could have stood on their own — but you enriched them greatly by sharing with us your discovery of the sky’s beauty, over the day. Thank you! (and thank you for following my blog)

  10. Thank you for following Moonlight Gallery. I enjoyed reading this post and looking at the wonderful photos of the sea and sky near your summer home. I am also surprised by the quality of these iPhone 5 images. Nice work! 🙂

  11. Winter sunrises and sunsets can be quite stunning. It’s wonderful to be surrounded by so much beauty. I rarely photo edit.
    Having spent the last week playing with themes and headers, I was instantly struck by the fact that we’re using the same one 🙂 Many thanks for the follow.

  12. I simply adore those photos!! They remind me of my native Norway. And I love photos of the sea and the sky. They are my two favorite objects to study 🙂

  13. Thanks for following my blog! I envy you having the place in Greece. Years ago we spent a couple of weeks on Crete, and fell in love with it!! I’ve got to get back sometime, and do some painting there!!

  14. WOW!!! Those are exactly the types of scenes I imagine in my mind when I just sit down to paint an imaginary ocean/sunset scene! You have given me a lot to think about with these amazing photos! I especially love the one that has the purplish looking clouds and the deep orange sunset! Beautiful. Sounds like you have the best of both worlds there-the ocean and mountains! 🙂

      1. Thank you for your comment! I currently study and live in London, but I spent every summer and christmas holidays back in Greece

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