“Love me twice today”

What is art supposed to ‘do’ to you? Why is it so important to people? Well there is obviously no right or wrong answer. People say that art helps them express their emotions, lets them be who they are. Music is a form of art that does that as well. Lets you express yourself, be the real you.


Music gives you a choice. You choose what you want to listen to; choose to feel sad. Choose to feel alone. Choose to feel happy. Choose to feel in love.

“Love me two times, baby
Love me twice today
Love me two times, girl
I’m goin’ away
Love me two times, girl
One for tomorrow
One just for today
Love me two times
I’m goin’ away”

Don’t just hear the music, listen to it. Understand it. Let it come in and experience it.

How did it make you feel?



  1. Even though this blog is still at a starting point, I feel that it is going to bring a great artistic touch to my everyday life! Thank you for this first lovely post, can’t wait to see more!

  2. Music is great in our life… and it is a part of art… art what feeds our soul… without art we would be like a stone… But of course there is a special touch in art for everyone… everyone is being captured or hit in different way… The beginning of this song was amazing for me, but later I lost my connection… Thank you, with my love, nia

  3. Hi there. I’m an artist. A few years ago I painted a barren tree with fish on it’s branches. (I know :)) It had meaning for me and should I ever show someone, I wonder if they will catch the message. Thanks for the follow. I tried to find some of your older post to read. Are there any or is this your very, very first one?

  4. I absolutely love Asaf…and I am so sorry I lost his concert in Florence last November….but for me LOVE will never be a choice…but just something that simply happens…and there’s nothing you can do against…

    Chees from Italy, Luana

  5. A song that moves me makes me feel like I’ve been reminded that I’m not the only one in the world with thoughts like mine. Someone else feels the same way.

  6. Thank you so much for subscribing to my blog. I like your new blog also.I liked your song lyrics. I love guitar music and I think they would sound great if sang to a guitar accompaniment.

  7. Great opening question. I believe art is everything pertinent in our lives that makes us feel. It makes us recognize that our senses are being stimulated and evokes an emotion that hadn’t been felt prior to encountering the situation.

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